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If you have discovered the wonderful world of trading and investing and are looking to developed yourself further in this field, look no further than the BCEC. We too have been caught with the virus that is trading and investing and we have developed a huge passion for everything that this embodies.

The last couple of years the focus has been around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and most of us at BCEC have been involved in this for years. Collectively we have a massive amount of experience in this space that we are ready to share with the world, through training, workshops and embracement within our community. Cool fact: in early 2019 we aim to be opening our trading floor where everyone, from all corners of the world, is welcome to chat, work and trade with us.

Besides all of this, we are developing and researching new economic- and business models under the flag of New Finance and do this paying close attention to the latest disruptive and innovative technologies. The new economies are being shaped as we speak and as traders and investors, we are right on top of developments at the BCEC.

If you wish to know more, contact us or join us in our discord channel.

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