/Headline Society

Current copy-paste journalism has to stop. Since news mediums do not do this themselves, we as an education center should step in. The biggest problem is the wrong information that is being distributed. Experience has shown that this cannot be countered. That is why there is only one solution: distribute good information yourself.

In addition, clearly express our opinion on the current media. We do this actively by actively replying to existing articles. We do this so that we can not only inform the reader with the correct information, but also the writer. We aim to make journalism more aware of what the new economy looks like and what is to come in the future.

Because blockchain has been given a reasonable hype by the current price speculation, a lot is being written about it. The problem is, however, that not enough (thorough) research is done by journalists. It is often indiscriminately copied from blog writers who often only try to sell their current product. This has, therefore, often no objective opinion.

The aim of our documents is to describe both the advantages and disadvantages, but only on basis of facts that can actually be substantiated.