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Regional workshop: Expansion of BCEC

May 4th the BCEC is invited to join a workshop organised by eight innovative organisations in the The Hague region. The goal of the workshop will be to create new collaborations in order to grow the BCEC.

Over 26 people are invited from the following organisations to make this happen:
The Hague University of Applied Science
The Hague municipality
YES!Delt The Hague
ROC Mondriaan
Dutch Blockchain Coalition
THe Hague Tech
Innovation Quarter
Data Science Initiative

We look forward to bundle our strengths towards improving and growing BCEC further and keep you posted via our blog and social media.

(invite only event)

Minor Mastering Blockchain organised by THUAS

Starting september 2019 the third edition of the minor Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Business, Law & IT THUAS will commence. Read more about the minor here, enroll here (in dutch) or get in touch with us here

Meetups (currently postponed)

Wednesday evening from 18:00 - 22:00 we join forces at our home base in THUAS. Weekly we discuss relevant topics, engage with our partners and organise mini-events. You're more than welcome to join us. Not sure yet? Connect with us now! or lurk around our discord channel if you're not sure yet.

Time: 18:00 - 22:00
Date: currently postponed
Location: Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, The Hague
Room: Varies, get in touch prior to the meetup and get on our WhatsApp.


Find us and connect with us day-and-night online, on our discord channel or ask us there to join our WhatsApp.

/Past events


Seminar / The digital future of finance organised by THUAS New Finance Lectorate

Come and join THUAS into the digital future of New Finance. Prepare for a paradigm shift in the digital realm of FinTech and learn from entrepreneurs, politicians and professors about:

/A Crypto-euro using blockchain
/Digital finance and the EU
/The application of algorithms in Finance
/Societal and political debate on digital Finance and monetary reform and a public digital safe

With great speakers:
/Caroline Nagtegaal-Van Doorn, (Member of the European Parliament)
/Mahir Alkaya, (Member of Dutch Parliament)
/Martijn Jeroen Van Der Linden, (Professor New Finance at THUAS)
/Alex Dowdalls, (Founder and partner of AXVECO) / Maarten Smakman, (Blockchain explorer at Blockdam)
/Lex van Teeffelen, (Professor Entrepreneurial Finance and Firm Acquisition at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht)
/Jordi Jansen, (Researcher New Finance and Lecturer Blockchain Technology)

SAVE THE DATE: April 5th, 2019 starting 13:00 in THe Hague. See our detailed agenda and enroll today as we have limited seats available.

Detailed agenda Enroll now!

2018 Closing event THUAS Blockchain Minor

On friday november 30th THUAS organised the closing event of the Mastering Blockchain minor 2018. With speakers such as Thomas Bollen (Follow the Money), Marleen Janssen Groesbeek (lector Sustainable Finance), Lammert van Raan (Member of parliament PvdD) and a great audience THUAS organised a discussion among academia, students, governmental organisations, businesses and citizens about the next economy, blockchain and digital transformation.

Watch the video on our weblog for an impression

Mastering Blockchain minor

The first THUAS blockchain minor in Q4 of 2018.

Watch a video of the students taking a break during the minor to get an impression on our weblog.