The 4 Foundational Pillars

The BCEC consists of a four-layered structure.  

/1/Creative Finance

This is the floor where different kinds of New-Finance models are being tested, where new waters are explored. This is also the place where we catch value from developments in the FinTech Basement and from our Academics prows. Not only to create value, but also to learn about these new markets and to integrate these findings in educational materials and to further fuel researches.

This is where innovation in New Finance meets practice & value!

/2/Innovative Education

Development of New-Finance related multidisciplinary education in which practical assignments have a prominent place. Example of topics added to regular HBO-curriculum: blockchain technology, innovation management, old & new finance, circular economy, big data analysis, internet of things, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Here all departments will be integrated into HBO-education. Researchers & The Fintech Basement provide teaching materials, our external partners provide practical cases. Combine this with our international academical online communities, MOOC's and other innovative characteristics and new education arises that applies science in an international network/platform setting!

/3/Disruptive Research

Disruptive Research department which focuses on new finance and new economy related subjects. We create the conceptual frameworks, sometimes in collaboration with other Universities, and we apply the outcomes of these researches in the field = integration with the Applied Sciency Lobby (input for new ECT's & projects), FinTech Basement (input projects) and New Finance Attic (catching value in new models) = Applied Research 2.0!

/4/Applied Science

This is the department where students will develop and test theories from the projects from the Research & Applied Science Departments and where people will meet around subjects such as blockchain and ecosystem related innovations. This department offers infrastrucutre for the higher levels, such as research facilities, blockchain infrastructure and technology, education material and administrative tools. The basement is where most of the innovation arises and where people will come to network.

The 'basement' is the technical and social engine of the BCEC!

Design principles

These are the six design principles we all live by.  

/1/ We are an open community – You can join & leave whenever you want, we run and produce only open source software.

/2/ Tokenized administration – All transactions within and from outside of the BCEC are settled with digital (crypto) assets. We do not bother with fiat. Our administration is fully done with digital currencies.

/3/ Maximize our skin in the game – All available resources are in crypto/blockchain or other assets are blockchai nrelated.

/4/ Neutrality – We are completely independent and are aiming to be a functional DAO in time.

/5/ Disruptive innovation – In order to innovate one needs to disrupt. We're being disruptive in terms of business and legal structure.

/6/ Sovereignty – Remaining anonymous and preserving privacy is fully possible and promoted within our community.