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I aim to innovate FinTech education

/Jordi Jansen

Researcher & teacher

I always wanted to get involved in new technology and innovative projects but never found a place that suits me. Now that we have created our own knowledge center BCEC, I can start to develop or help different blockchain projects that creating a disruption in almost every company or organization. I think the key factor to having success in this kind of innovative projects, is to keep learning about the different subjects that are involved with the blockchain.

/Rico van Winkel

Researcher, Educator & project developer

I have developed a passion for blockchain and am a proud member of the BCEC, contributing where I can.

/Thierry Pronk

Researcher & education

Here to bring others value.

/Dennis IJlst

Business development & Marketing

Studied Economy & Management at THUAS. Worked in various roles (accountant, financial manager, team manager) for various corporate companies (stock listed and not stock listed), as with semi-governmental and non-governmental (not for profit) organizations. In various kinds of businesses, service oriented as (product)trading companies; B2B [“business to business”] as well as B2C [“business to consumer”]. With a variety of activities including implementations of various ERP-systems. Loves to add value and create flow in processes. Personality wise forever an optimist and always looking for solutions.

/Ludwig Groenefelt

Educator, researcher & networking

/Ricardo Eradus


Young enthusiast that is willing to learn how to learn, ready to try new challenges and step out of his comfort zone (international oriented)

/Hans Xiang

Researcher & Disruptor

Student finance and control intrigued in finance, Blockchain and whiskey.

/Hou Yen Lai

Researcher & trader

/Tim de Jong

Trader, Researcher & Educator

Starting paralegal, borderline obsessed with all things related to blockchain and open source projects in general and bitcoin specifically.

/Riekle Wiersma


/Ricardo van Zeeventer

Investor / Researcher

/Carel Bleijenberg

Student .

/Joeri van Loon


/Martijn Bolt

Blockchain practitioner